Department of Sociology
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
PhD, Washington State University, 1997


My research continues to focus on African-Americans’ life chances, behavioral outcomes, and issues related to equity and justice. My research methodology is ethnographic, with a focus on disciplined content analysis of the race variable. My future research agenda will concentrate on the relationship between race and sports. My teaching is geared towards teaching sociology in a manner that has life course applicability. Fundamentally, my goal is to relate theoretical perspectives and concepts to students’ structural, economic and cultural realties and/or immediate situational circumstances so that they identify with what they are learning. Serving on committees at the department, college, and university levels has uncovered an interest in assessment, university governance, and administration (relative to faculty development, student recruitment and retention, academic quality and diversity above and beyond numerical integration).

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Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of North Carolina
Greensboro, NC 27402, U.S.A.


Member of the Research Group(s): Number Theory

Research Interests: I am interested in classical questions concerning prime numbers and their distribution, which I try to investigate using mainly analytic and probabilistic methods. A special topic of my interest is the location of zeros of the Riemann zeta function and its derivatives; Others include problems centering around the differences between consecutive prime numbers, distribution and divisibility properties of primes of special forms, as well as values of various arithmetical functions. History and philosophy of mathematics (and science in general) are also areas I like to think about and conduct research in.

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