Our Mission

To assess a coaching candidates performance based on a number categories and provide feedback in order to increase the coaching pool by implementing a system which will justify candidate selection while potential claims of implicit biases are eliminated.

(left to right) James Hasty, John Wooten, and Dr. Steven Cureton


Establish unbiased criteria to improve on the selection of coaching candidates

  • Helping coaches to build accurate coaching resumes
  • Developing a way to set goals, and then assess career performance
  • Improving fairness in hiring, at all levels 
  • Create a better game

The primary goal of the project is to provide objective, mathematically-sound methods of coaching evaluation that respect the history of the game, but at the same time can be used (at all levels of sports) to provide accurate ways of assessing current and future coaching performance.


To analyze both quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate in a collaborative manner individuals and desirable characteristics for head coaches or front office positions.  We can help every sports organization fulfill its commitment to equality with proven criteria that improves coaching and front office candidate selection.