Sports Marketing Department

Student Athlete Marketing Source (SAMS)

“The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has exploited its athletes since its 1906 inception. The NCAA exploits athletes by targeting athletes from poor communities that can’t afford education by any other means. Also, the NCAA enforces unfair and unnecessary rules in order to maintain control over the athlete’s freedoms such as accepting free meals, or services that professional athletes or celebrities are accustomed to. And most of all, the NCAA is the sole profiteer of all NCAA athlete’s likeness, exploiting them for their talent and hard work without allowing the athletes or families of the athletes to benefit.” Black, Joseph (2021) “Stopping the Exploitation of NCAA Athletes,” WRIT: Journal of First-Year Writing: Vol. 4 :Iss. 1 , Article 2.

The beginning of the NIL-era of college athletics suddenly being allowed to profit from their name, image and likeness (or NIL), has been long overdue. Eneje Founder, James Hasty, former NFL Veteran says “It’s about time! We had some rough days as student athletes. We received about $400 a month from our scholarships but watched our schools rank in millions off us.” Being a student athlete with endorsements and deals, James understands the politics in this arena. Eneje’s advantage is a bundle approach, our engagement between athletes, brands, and coaches.

Eneje’ offers a unique and unmatched platform by combining the following:

  • SAMS with our Coaching Performance Assessment System (CPAS).
    • The CPAS,a scientifically-sound, qualitative and quantitative approach exams the success metrics of applicants for head coaching and assistant coaching positions.
  • Eneje provides a space for student athletes to increase their efforts in order tomaximize better opportunities to market themselves.
    • We assist in identifying the best brand fit for student athletes as well as bring the most value to a partnering brand.
    • We create a win/win partnership for both the brand and the athlete.
    • Leverage top student athletes whose images are highly sought after, and those yet to be discovered, and real-time social media strategies
    • Serve as a brand marketing agent by directly representing the athletes
    • Provide a safe and secure method for student athletes to showcase themselves and maximize their earning potential.
  • Eneje allows your brand to execute short-term, time sensitive engagements to broaden impact across multiple markets simultaneously.
    • We provide a simple solution to a complex issue.
    • Our platform is designed for brands to build a relationship, interact, engage, and acquire athletes and/or influencers for endorsements, and appearances.
    • Create social media posts to build your brands influence.

The SAMS process is easy! We provide anecessary workflow, open and clear communication, and simple contracts. This process allows for brands:

  • To save time, money, and open opportunities once only available to major companies with major marketing budgets.

The student athleteis able to represent some of their favorite iconic brands, while monetizing on their hard work and dedication to their sport.


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