The Power of CPAS

CPAS empowers Eneje to go beyond traditional stats when assessing a candidate’s career performance, because a good coach is more than a win-loss record. Our system supplements existing statistical techniques that evaluate past performance.

  • Eneje analyzes both qualitative and quantitative data to objectively and collaboratively create a clear picture of a candidate’s past performance.
  • While we consider winning the most important key performance indicator, the CPAS algorithm also assesses the finer details of all the factors that most commonly lead to victory.
  • Besides statistical data, CPAS also evaluates sports professionals from a qualitative perspective on a long list of desirable characteristics, such as leadership, management approach, race neutrality and teaching style.
  • CPAS can be used to analyze single seasons or entire careers, as well as great coaches with decades of winning seasons under their belts and sports professionals in non-supervisory positions with limited experience.

The Process

Eneje assesses coaching and front-office professionals’ past performance like no one else. We take into account many categories, based on feedback from some of the greatest coaches and leaders in sports today. Our system justifies candidate selection and eliminates implicit biases in sports hiring, creating career ladders for an increased pool of eligible candidates and a better game overall.


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