pro Athletes HBCU Initiative

Backing Legacies And Colleges “BLAC” We Got Your Back

Mission: To back Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) through promotion, campus involvement, trainings, and engagement by former and current professional athletes.

Vision: To see an increase in top athletes committing to Historically Black Colleges and Universities in an effort to advance to the professional level.

The Pro Athletes HBCU Initiative, BLAC, “Backing Legacies and Colleges” is a community effort. BLAC is an initiative inclusive of current and former professional athletes of all schools and backgrounds, public and private sector business men and women, academics and scholars. The initiative will focus on the remaining 101 historic campuses. This centralizes the fact that HBCU’s represent a necessary ingredient in the recipe for a progressive America given such institutions are highly competitive, and capable of producing an education for students that has universal success.

It is our duty as professional athletes to take command of the economic power generated by the performance of our black bodies within the context of competitive sports.This will give former professional athletes an opportunity to get involved in the future of students and HBCU’s, taking back control of the economic flow black student athletes create! The initiative will create a buzz and desire for future athletes to choose HBCU’s. The initiative promotes healthy choices with respect to avoiding, alcohol and drug related deviance, crime and violence, sexual harassment and assault against women, any form of hazing, and to include an advisory committee with respect to social justice that athletes can consult.BLAC understands all too well, it’s not where you play that gets you to the professional level, it’s how you play. Top athletes will generate a fan base, media attention, and revenue for the schools. Any and all funds generated from this effort will go directly back to the students.

The initiative will also promote the importance of athlete preparation, voter registration and participation, financial education, equality accountability. The following is the focus of each initiative:

Athlete Preparation:

  • Understanding the commitment to training and pro workout preparation
  • Understanding what is expected at the next level, drafted or as a free agent.
  • How to evaluate film.

Financial Education:

  • Educating students on the importance of money management
  • Understanding the need for multiple streams of income
  • How to negotiate contracts and sponsorship opportunities
Voter Registration and Participation:
  • Participation in voter registration events
  • Educating students on the importance of their vote
  • Education on athletes leading the charge for student voting
Equality Accountability:
  • The importance of racial equality for student athletes
  • Understanding your rights as student athletes
  • Holding your fellow athletes accountable for their actions

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