About Us

Eneje (pronounced “Ee-Nuh-Jay”) Consulting is the first search firm of its kind. From our African American ownership to our proprietary assessment tool and exclusive focus on collegiate and professional coaches and front-office personnel, we’re doing things differently in sports hiring. When you work with Eneje, you get a team of committed professionals focused on the unbiased assessment of all coaching and front-office candidates.

We leverage unmatched relationships with sports agents, college administrators, coaches and athletes at all levels, as well as professional team general managers to help owners, presidents, coaches, governing boards, athletic directors and conference commissioners find the best candidate for the job every time.

Eneje uses data analytics and machine learning to fairly and objectively evaluate individuals’ capabilities and increase the pool of eligible candidates for key positions in sports management and coaching. At the end of the day, Eneje aims to eliminate implicit biases in hiring practices and create a better, more inclusive game for everyone.