Homeownership Simplified

The path to paying off a mortgage requires dedication and sacrifice.

KeepUcurrent protects and supports our members throughout this long journey.

Less stress and better service for members

Get access to a bundle of helpful services in a single platform.

Expert support services, tools and resources at your fingertips.

Support you can count on Tools to keep you current

Becoming a homeowner and assuming the financial responsibility of paying off a mortgage is just the beginning of what can be a complicated journey. The suite of services we make available to our members help you to manage that responsibility.

Mortgage Servicing Support

We can help you resolve issues related to the servicing of your mortgage.

Title Support

We have the expertise that can assist in dealing with defects in the chain of title to your home.

We notifiy you when you may be able to reduce your mortgage expenses

We monitor your rate and property value and will notify when you might save money by refinancing or removing PMI coverage.

We keep you current and informed with useful property and mortgage resources

Access to tools and resources in a single platform saves time and money for our members.

Our Mission

To deliver a simple portal that provides a bundle of services for homeowners. We provide homeowners the support needed to enjoy life.

Who We Are

We are a team of mortgage professionals with extensive industry experience who are passionate about helping homeowners navigate the challenges of homeownership.

Throughout our careers, we have helped thousands of dedicated homeowners frustrated with the complexities of mortgages and dealing with their mortgage servicers.

We believe homeownership should not be stressful and deliver the resources to give you peace of mind.

Your membership includes

$ 9.98 per month *
  • Mortgage Servicing Consulting (2 hours) a $ 350 value.
  • Property Title Assistance (2 hours) a $ 350 value
  • PMI Monitoring
  • Rate Vision
  • Home Doc Valut
  • initial membership is provided to you as a benefit from your broker/realtor

All these benefits for less than your morning coffee order
*After your initial broker/realtor provided membership expires
if you decide to continue you can contact us


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